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  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
  • Decrease Dependence on Utility Providers
  • Increase Your Property Value

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What Our Customers Are Saying

shmuklarskyI would like to thank you for the professionalism shown by your crew all throughout the planning and installation process of the photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of my house in Bethesda, Maryland. The work done by crew was of exceptional quality. Your crew was very responsive to my inquiries and requests. They consistently went the extra mile to ensure that the system would become operational at the earliest date. And they always made sure to clean the work area at the end of the day.

The paperwork involved in filing for the required permits and tax credits was voluminous and daunting but your assistance in filing the numerous documents made the process much less onerous. Overall, I found your services exceptional in quality, competitive in price, and highly responsive to your customer’s needs.
Moshe J. Shmuklarsky, MD
farmer-yangWe would like to thank the entire GreenBrilliance team for their excellent service.

Throughout the process, our inquiries were responded to promptly; the installation crew was thorough and knowledgeable; the follow-ups have always been courteous and pleasant; and to own a we-can-make-a-difference solar electric system on top of all that!

You can count on us to write a ‘letter of recommendation’ any time.

Chuck Farmer & Erin Yang - Springfield, VA
haskellI am just writing to let you know that I am very impressed with the service and the responsiveness. It is refreshing to have this level of service, I guess I have been used to companies selling me goods but not keeping me informed of deliveries or of any problems with filling orders.

Thank you for a very professional and neat installation, so well done guys and keep up the great work.

John Haskell - Ashburn, VA

codellaI really thought I could do it myself. I sized the project, bought all the equipment, and then discovered that I really didn’t know enough to carry it through all the way. A neighbor of mine mentioned GreenBrilliance and I gave them a call. GreenBrilliance took care of all of the things I never had thought of. Each step of the process starting from a phone enquiry through design, permits, installation and interconnection with utility was smooth and pleasurable all along.

The system has been providing electricity to our house for almost a year and I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in my electrical bill. Most of all, it makes me feel good to know that I’m doing something good for the environment.

Tom Codell - Ashburn, VA
bgcThank you so much for the incredibly professional installation of our commercial PV system. I am especially appreciative of the extreme competence from design through installation. We love the way it looks and works with our building. I am defiantly going to use GreenBrilliance for our PV needs as we put up more and more high performance green buildings.

Thanks again for your fantastic work. I will recommend you to all my friends for solar needs.

Prescott Gaylord, Baltimore Green Construction

abramsonGreenBrilliance team is the friendliest most professional company that I have worked with. I have two solar systems installed by GreenBrilliance for my home as well as office. Both systems are performing extremely well.

Mr. Edward Abramson - Washington, DC
moennigI found everyone at GreenBrilliance to be very informative and friendly from the very beginning to the very end. It is truly a turnkey provider.

Hans and Buffie Moennig - Washington, DC
levyMy experience with GreenBrilliance was totally outstanding. All services provided by them as turnkey are priceless.

Mr. Brian Levy - Washington, DC
wuerschmidtWe found everyone at GreenBrilliance very accessible and easy to work with. Sales team explained all options, various stages of the installation and the renewable energy installation related rebate process. GreenBrilliance delivered a well engineered top quality solar system at very competitive prices with excellent customer service to boot.

Mr. Tilman Wuerschmidt - Washington, DC
frankelOur experience with Greenbrilliance has been extraordinary; we would highly recommend their expertise to anyone thinking about investing in solar system.

Mr. David Frankel - Washington, DC

I approached your firm-GreenBrilliance-when I sought to incorporate a Photovoltaic System into my addition.  Most vendors felt for where I was located, and what I could afford they would not support me in my application for a supplementing “green grant”- GreenBrilliance did- immediately.  The system is operational. I enjoy watching no movement on my Pepco meter knowing that the system functions. I think my child will be able to see that the renewable energy components I choose to integrate on some level  is evident in this particular component. This also reflects a value I hope my four year old can parlay on his own at a much larger level.

I am so pleased that this phase has been completed and welcome the opportunity to monitor energy savings from my desk top on sunny days and continue the dialogue towards a more energy efficient future.

Christina P

sterlingGreenBrilliance installed phase one of our photo-voltaic array and a solar hot water system in 2010, when we could finally afford to add them to the passive solar home we built in 1986. They coordinated very well with our roofing contractor.GB later added 8 PV panels to a shed we constructed in 2014, making 26 PV panels in all. The company has always been quickly responsive to our needs and requests, including assisting with our solar education program in Sterling, VA.

I became a GreenBrilliance customer in 2010.  Communication was excellent, and we came to a final contract agreement via e-mail.  We needed to have the roof re-done before having the photovoltaic panels and hot water system installed.  GB coordinated beautifully with (plug here) Douglas Roofing to make the project happen seamlessly. In 2013, we decided to build a shed and increase our total number of PV panels to 26.  GB responded quickly and added the additional panels at a fair price.
When squirrels did some serious damage to our system wiring (twice), GB responded quickly and installed stainless steel screening to prevent further rodent damage.
We now pay nothing for gas or electricity, because our bills for both are offset by the Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) we earn.  In fact, since 2013, we are ahead over $300 in energy costs.
I would highly recommend GreenBrilliance.

Mr. Phil Hostetter - Sterling, VA
viennaGreenBrilliance has served us very well at each step of the project. They prepared a truthful proposal and cost benefit at reasonable cost. Installation was done quick and well and after service was also good.

Vienna - VA

martinMy 10kW solar system was installed in early 2015. I had a GREAT experience! The team patiently educated me about solar systems and worked with me to arrive at the final design and size of the system.  After much research, I determined the cost was VERY competitive and I was pleasantly surprized that, not only were the panels top tier, but the inverters, mounting system, and wiring were also a higher grade than I anticipated getting. They also kept me appraised all through the process to get approval for the design and even helped me file the paperwork with my electric utility. They also coordinated their installation with my roofer. The installers arrived and performed all work on schedule and were clean and neat and passed inspection with no major problems.  This was truly a turn key system, and it has performed just as projected.  The company even helped me identify an SREC broker and register my system with the state so that it qualifies for earning SRECs. After a few months, I inadvertently unplugged the monitoring system from my router and had to call them for help.  Help arrived right away and quickly solved the problem free of charge.  So, bottom line, this is an outstanding company.  They exceeded all expectations at every step. If you are looking for a quality solar installer, talk to the professionals at Greenbrilliance!

Mr. Martin Boyd - Sterling, VA

craleyGreenBrilliance stepped me through the entire process of designing and installing our 10kW system.  They were professional in every respect, quick to respond to any questions I had and the installation went without a hitch.  I have enjoyed reduced electricity bills in the months since I became a GreenBrilliance customer and they helped step me through the process of signing up for the sale of our generated solar credits.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the team at GreenBrilliance.

Mr. Nat Craley - Purceville, VA
harslemGreenBrilliance installed our solar panels this spring, and the work was done in a professional manner. We have been very happy with the project.  I had some difficulty understanding my utility bill. The GreenBrilliance staff contacted Dominion Virginia Power for me and got the information I needed to understand how net metering works.

Ms. Barbara Harslem - Alexandria, VA
vassilOverall, GreenBrilliance provided an exceptional solar install that is performing well at 12 months later. We were introduced to GreenBrilliance through Solarize NoVA, a great program offering free solar assessments and strong solar pricing through their partners. If it’s available, do it!

After meeting with the sales associate Shawn, who did a great job explaining the TCO and benefits around solar, we decided to move forward with GreenBrilliance. She walked us through the timeline and what to expect next, including assistance with getting approval from our HOA to put panels on our townhouse and the ordering of our US-made panels.

Admittedly, the design process did take longer than expected with multiple back and forth communications. However, that was because we were also moving the location of our roof vents and had to involve our roofer. Furthermore, we were utilizing a home energy audit company to make improvements to our home for energy efficiency simultaneously. In any case, GB was committed to providing a way to maximize the output and number of panels. Armen supplied a design spec that we used for our HOA paperwork. The design process did not hold up our install, which needed to take place before the end of the year.

Jennifer & Craig Vassil - Falls Church, VA

lanierI used GreenBrillance to install 59 solar panels on my home in Washington Grove, MD. They were very professional, delivered the project on time as promised to meet the tax year refunds, carefully explained all the rebates and incentives that I would receive, came back a couple of times to resolve issues and ensured that the online reporting system was working correctly. Great system that I can monitor the performance of each solar panel with an app on my phone. I highly recommend them!

Mr. Armand Lanier - Washington Grove, MD
swaroopGreenBrilliance installed solar panels on my house in December 2015. So far, I am happy with their service. The panels are generating power as per specs.

Mr. Krishna Swaroop - Fredrick, MD

Every new system takes a while to get running right, including solar. Our system had a few bugs in it at first, but the GreenBrilliance people worked with us diligently until the system was working fine and producing electricity which has made a noticeable difference in our electric bill. I would definitely recommend this company.

Leo & Pat Bosner

GreenBrilliance did an outstanding job installing my solar panels and follow-on customer service. I am very impressed with the quality of the solar panels and the electrical power they generate. I highly recommend their product and service.

Carl and Brigette Manemeit

From beginning to end, I found everyone at GreenBrilliance informative and helpful in the process. The sales team professionally explained my options and walked me through the steps for installing the system and how I would receive my rebate. The install crew was on top of their game as well. They answered all my questions and were thoughtful about explaining the installation and how the system would work. The system GreenBrilliance installed is of top most quality, with their extremely high performing PV panels, well-engineered solution and great workmanship. Their pricing was the most competitive and they delivered a superior product in a timely manner.

Hani Akhras

I was very impressed with professionalism and responsiveness of the GreenBrilliance team. They took care of all of the paperwork and made it a easy process from start to finish — I highly recommend them.

Dr. James Austin, Ph.D. JFA Institute

Thank you so much for all your help in getting our solar panels installed. We are the envy of the neighborhood now thanks to you. The work in our house was done quickly and efficiently, and the only trace left behind was a meter that runs backwards and the panels themselves. But the service you provided was so much more than solar panel installation! In addition to providing technical expertise, GreenBrilliance helped us navigate our co-op rules, interact with our utility, and fill out all the city paperwork. Installing solar panels was the easiest work we have had done in our house thanks to you. It was truly a pleasure working with you, and we look forward to having the opportunity again!

Keya Chatterjee

We went live with our GreenBrilliance installed solar power system on May 26, 2010.  In the four days between then and now, the system is generating all of our power needs and returning on average 12 kWhs to the grid daily.  Our system is rated at 4.95 kWh DC and 4.21 kWh AC and consists of 22 panels flush mounted on an East South-East facing roof.

GreenBrilliance did an excellent job in responding to our initial inquiry, designing and installing the system. System install occurred in three steps but took a total of only two full days altogether.  The installation team was very professional, cleaned up their work site and worked with our busy schedules to coordinate for the necessary indoor work for the hookup to the electrical panel.

Overall, we definitely recommend GreenBrilliance for your solar power needs.

Bill Blake

After meeting with several solar companies at a DC energy conservation fair, we chose GreenBrilliance to design and install a solar PV system with a battery back up for our house. GreenBrilliance answered our many questions promptly and accurately, completed all the necessary paperwork for our government grant, obtained the permits, performed the installation, coordinated with Pepco for our new meter, arranged the final government inspection, and tested our system to make sure it’s operating as promised.
They also worked with us to sell our solar renewable energy credits to a reputable aggregator. Importantly, GreenBrilliance’s work was meticulous, clean and professional. We are very pleased to recommend GreenBrilliance to others contemplating solar energy projects.

David P. Frankel - Washington, DC

We hired GreenBrilliance to install our 4kW photovoltaic system because they provide a complete turnkey solution. They handled all the details of the plan, design, components and a very professional installation. They also managed the approvals and inspection process required for our grid-tied system. All we had to do was flip the switch and enjoy our solar powered home. Thank you GreenBrilliance. 10 out of 10!!

Fleur & Geoffrey - Maryland

We are pleased to have GreenBrilliance as our solar energy provider. We requested bids from several contractors. GreenBrilliance was not only the first company to respond, but it provided the most complete and informative bid. We especially appreciate GreenBrilliance team adeptness at communication via e-mail — we resolved all of our questions and finalized the contract over the Internet. Once the installation began, the GreenBrilliance team kept us well informed about everything they were doing. GreenBrilliance also coordinated extremely well with the roofing contractor. All-in-all, the installation was a pleasant experience; and we would highly recommend GreenBrilliance to anyone thinking about investing in solar hot water or solar electricity. You will not find another company that is more professional, experienced, and communicative.

Phil and Stephanie Hostetter

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