canstockphoto41724Financing Options for Commercial Solar Projects

Cash Purchases – What Are They & How Do They Work?
Buying your solar system with cash is the simplest method of financing. When you purchase your solar panels outright, you can immediately benefit from available tax incentives at the local, state, and federal levels. If you have cash on hand, then the cash purchase option may be the best for you to avoid interest fees.

canstockphoto362260Benefits Buying for Your Solar System with Cash
GreenBrilliance is the leading manufacturer of world class solar systems. This way you can rest assured that your cash purchase is well worth the investment.

Why Power Purchase Agreements May Be an Option
A Power Purchase Agreement, commonly referred to as a PPA is a financing arrangement enabling businesses to purchase solar electricity systems with no upfront cost. To do this a “host” business provides open rooftop, land or free flat space for the solar system to be installed. A third party PPA provider would then pay for the installation cost and take on all responsibility for its operation and maintenance. For giving the space for the solar system, your organization can then purchase the electricity that the solar panels produce. With this type of agreement you are able to immediately reap the cost-savings that solar energy can provide without having to invest cash into the purchase and installation of the system.

The Benefits of PPA:
If you enter into a PPA with a GreenBrilliance solar module system you are guaranteed to have access to clean solar energy for many years to come.

Solar Leases – Little Upfront Capital NeededA solar lease is an alternative financing option that allows businesses to reap the benefits of solar energy without having to make a capital investment. In exchange for the solar system, you pay a monthly fee to rent the system. Since solar energy is much more affordable than traditional electricity, businesses can still save on their utility costs even with the addition of monthly system payments. With most solar lease agreements, at the end of the contract you have the option to purchase the solar system, at a discounted cost, or have it removed.

Benefits of Solar Leases
With GreenBrilliance we can work with you to structure a solar lease agreement that helps you get your solar system installed quickly.

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